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  • Makeup lessons starting at $25 applied towards purchase of products.

Jane Iredale
The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. That's why everything Jane Iredale develops is a true extension of skin care. Jane Iredale makeup is not just a refinement of conventional makeup; it's a new technology. Jane Iredale makeup is non-comedogenic (doesn't block pores) contains no chemical preservatives, fillers such as talc, chemical dyes (usually labeled as FD&C), perfume or alcohol. The micronized mineral bases are concentrated pigment. Because of this concentrated pigment, a minimum amount gives unsurpassed coverage and becomes a foundation, powder and concealer all in one. This concentrated pigment also gives high sunscreen protection without the need for synthetic ingredients.

Glo Mineral
Is dedicated to providing their customers with what they call revealing beauty. Glo Mineral cosmetics are award-winning mineral formulations that nurture, protect and heal the skin while providing flawless coverage and fabulous color palettes. Glo Minerals uses only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are entirely talc-free. Glo Mineral skin care products are advanced formulations that work systematically to support skin health and treat skin concerns. The full range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums and specialty treatment formulations are based on established research and cutting-edge science. 

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  • Make Up Application $35-$95

Make Up Lessons - Application

Bella Pella is proud to offer two amazing makeup lines. They are both mineral based makeup with SPF protection.

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